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If you don’t eat, how will it be fun to abuse Indira Gandhi spoke to Ram Vilas Paswan, know what was the matter

Late leader Ram Vilas Paswan started his political career with the movement against the Indira Gandhi government. In the 70s, Ram Vilas Paswan actively participated in the JP movement. After this, in the 1977 elections, Paswan reached Parliament from Hajipur in Bihar and the Janata Party government was formed at the centre. This government could not last long and elections were held again in the year 1980. After this, Paswan and Indira Gandhi had come face to face in Parliament.

Recently, Pradeep Srivastava has mentioned this incident in detail in Paswan’s biography Ram Vilas Paswan: Resolution, Courage and Struggle, which came from Penguin Publications. Ram Vilas Paswan also fielded from Hajipur in these elections and registered a historic victory. Indira Gandhi returned to the centre. But in the year 1984, a no-confidence motion was moved against the Indira government.

Ram Vilas Paswan was also present in the Lok Sabha. Paswan sought permission from the then Lok Sabha Speaker Balram Jakhar to speak. After getting permission, Paswan targeted the policies of the government one after the other. Indira Gandhi was also annoyed by one of his statements in Parliament.

The name of Rahul Gandhi was also taken: Paswan had said, ‘When Indira ji was hoisting the flag, she had said that her entire family is devoted to the country. this is true. The slogan outside Parliament is that the country’s leader Indira Gandhi, youth leader Rajiv Gandhi, women’s leader Maneka Gandhi and children’s leader Rahul Gandhi, go to hell Mahatma Gandhi. In anger, Indira Gandhi replied, ‘You have not even spared my grandson.’ Ram Vilas Paswan had said in response to this, ‘Madam, your grandson is not an ordinary child.’

However, the no-confidence motion against the Indira Gandhi government fell. Due to the delay in the proceedings of the Lok Sabha, arrangements for food for the MPs were made on the first floor of the Parliament House. Paswan was standing in the corridor with his MPs when suddenly Indira Gandhi also came up.

All the MPs stopped in honor of Indira Gandhi and when she came to Paswan she said, ‘Come on. Where are you going?’ Paswan said, ‘I am going home. Some guests have come. Indira Gandhi stopped after hearing this. Indira Gandhi told Ram Vilas Paswan, ‘Let’s eat first. If you don’t eat then how will it be fun to abuse.’

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