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If you return home, you will not have to wear a green cap – the anchor said to Tikait, the farmer leader replied

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait’s interview with Sudarshan News chairman Suresh Chavhanke is going viral. In this, Chavhanke says, ‘If you return home, you will not have to wear a green cap.’

Farmers’ organizations have been sitting on the Ghazipur border in Delhi for the last 10 months demanding the cancellation of agricultural laws brought by the central government. Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) spokesperson Rakesh Tikait has recently once again made it clear that he will not end the agitation until the Center agrees to him. An interview of Rakesh Tikait with Suresh Chavhanke, chairman of Sudarshan News is also going viral.

Owaisi and BJP alliance? In this interview, Suresh Chavhanke asks a question about Rakesh Tikait’s green cap. Regarding AIMIM Chief Asaduddin Owaisi in UP elections, Rakesh Tikait says, ‘Owaisi and BJP have an internal alliance. This is the reason that wherever BJP goes, Owaisi comes. The people of the village also say and everyone knows that Owaisi is the ‘Chachujan’ of BJP. We are not saying this, the people of the village themselves have told us so.

Suresh Chavhanke says in response to this, ‘We say so. You are Owaisi’s uncle. This is his third generation. Before that he was a Hindu. Accordingly, you became his uncle. Apart from politics, do you look like his uncle or not?’ Rakesh Tikait says, ‘He is not our uncle, he is the uncle of BJP. What do we mean by opposing Owaisi? There are many people here who got converted.

What did Tikait say on the green cap? Suresh Chavhanke says, ‘If these people have converted their religion, then we will also get them to return home. If one is gone, what is the harm in bringing him back? You will not necessarily have to wear a green cap after conversion. Rakesh Tikait says in response, ‘This topi is not a symbol of any religion. Rather, it is the identity of the farmers. The color of Islam is dark green, but ours is light green.

Chavhanke says, ‘Until the village becomes Ram Rajya. Till then the country will not become Ram Rajya. You have to agree with this. Tikait says in response, ‘These parties will teach us to say ‘Ram-Ram’ a little. In the village we used to say Ram-Ram even before ploughing and even when we got up in the morning, we used to say Ram-Ram.’


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