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if you want to get rid of dandruff so apply heena with almond oil on your hair, know the benefits-Hair Care Tips: Use this oil with henna to get rid of dandruff

By using henna on the hair in summer, the head gets coolness, as well as freshness is also felt. Often people use henna on their hair to give natural color to the hair in summer. Mehndi makes the hair red naturally and also makes the hair healthy. Using henna on the hair provides conditioner to the hair, as well as gets rid of many hair problems.

The antiseptic properties present in henna make the hair free from dandruff, as well as remove itching in the hair. Mehndi is best for hair in summer. People also use amla, shikakai and reetha along with henna to darken the hair. You know that oil is also used with henna.

Using almond oil with henna helps to get rid of dandruff and itching of the hair. Almond oil nourishes the hair, as well as makes the hair strong. Let us know what are the benefits of using almond oil with henna.

Benefits of almond oil for hair: Almond oil is rich in protein and fatty acids which make hair soft and strong. This oil prevents hair fall, as well as gets rid of split ends. Almond oil is the best source of Vitamin E which makes hair healthy and also gets rid of hair dandruff. Let us know which hair problems are solved by the use of almond oil and how to use mehndi for it.

Mehndi and Almond Oil for White Hair: To make white hair colorful, mix almond oil with henna and apply hair color. Take out the henna in a vessel and cook it on low flame on the gas. After cooking for some time, remove the henna from the gas and mix almond oil in it. After the henna cools down, apply it on the hair, you will get rid of white hair. Using oil with henna will make hair look black, strong and thick.

Mehndi will get rid of dandruff: If you are troubled by dandruff, then mix almond oil with henna and apply it on the hair. Mix almond oil with henna and apply it on the hair for half an hour and wash the hair, you will get rid of dandruff.


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