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In Cannes, the international festival of pyrotechnic art makes its cinema


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The cream of the artificers has an appointment until August 24 in Cannes. Each year, the international pyrotechnic art festival decides the best of them. The theme this year: film scores.

A festival of lights and stars. Cannes is used to it. After the stars of the 7th art last July, the famous Croisette welcomes the elite of pyrotechnics for the International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art. Six teams, exclusively French this year due to the pandemic, compete to obtain the coveted Silver Vest.

The love story between Cannes and fireworks began in 1967. That year, the Ruggieri company, one of the world leaders in the sector, organized a unique show with the city. The success is immediate. A success which, since then, has not been denied (100,000 people in 2019) making the Riviera city one of the world capitals of pyrotechnics. After a break, linked to the health crisis, the 2021 edition brings together six French companies around the cinema, dear to Cannes.

Chance of the calendar, largely shaken by the pandemic, it is in the middle of the film festival that the first evening took place … on July 14. A sound and light imagined by the company Groupe F which paid homage to the palmes d’or of the festival.

Four other shows signed Brezac Events (July 21), Lux Factory (July 29), Pyragric (August 7) ​​and Grand Final (August 15) followed, respectively, on romantic films, le grand frisson , the musicals and the soundtracks of Tarantino. At the end of the last evening, which will take place on August 24 and where the memory of Sean Connery will be honored, a 100% female jury made up of cultural and event professionals will determine which show appealed to them the most. As a result, a Silver Vestal, a distinction which grants the winner the right to participate in the next Gold Vestals which will take place in the summer of 2023.

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