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In early October, Vietnam’s satellite will be launched into orbit

Saturday, September 4, 2021 00:05 AM (GMT+7)

Information from the Ministry of Science and Technology said that the Japanese Aerospace Agency (JAXA) has officially announced the launch schedule of the Epsilon 5 rocket carrying 9 satellites into orbit, including NanoDragon satellite of Japan. Vietnam.

Small satellites – Vietnam’s space technology development achievements Vietnamese satellites will be launched into orbit by Japan before March 2022

Accordingly, the launch site is the Uchinoura Space Center. Estimated launch time is about 9:48′ – 9:59′, Japan time (about 7:48′ – 7:59′, Vietnam time), October 1. The reserve launch time is from October 2 to November 30.

Previously, in mid-August, the NanoDragon satellite was moved by Vietnam Space Center from Noi Bai Airport to Narita Airport, Tokyo. After that, NanoDragon was transferred to the Uchinoura Space Center launch site, Kagoshima Prefecture for the final check on the shape, size, power switching system during launch.

NanoDragon is a satellite 100% researched, designed and manufactured in Vietnam, by engineers of Vietnam Space Center. This satellite was developed to demonstrate that it is possible to use micro-satellite beam technology to receive signals to automatically identify ships, track and monitor vehicles at sea…


At least a quarter of our Sun’s stars have swallowed one or more planets of their own.


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