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In Nantes, fundamentalist Catholics cancel a concert deemed “satanist”

A group of fundamentalist Catholics prevented the holding of Tuesday, December 7 in the evening of a concert judged “Satanist” by Swedish artist Anna von Hausswolff at the Lieu Unique in Nantes, elected officials from the city announced.

“A handful of intolerant radicals causes the cancellation of a concert at Notre-Dame du Bon-Port scheduled in agreement with the bishopric”, tweeted Bassem Asseh, first deputy mayor of Nantes. “Nothing authorized the expression of such censorship. This is not our conception of a social project based on dialogue and cultural openness ”, he added.

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The concert, scheduled for 9 p.m., was sold out. A video broadcast by “Ouest France” shows the opponents of the concert blocking the entrance and singing in a group “Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us poor sinner”.

“A lamentable manifestation of intolerance”

“Some fundamentalists have therefore succeeded in preventing a concert. (…) This strengthens us in the idea that in the face of obscurantism, we need more than ever the light of the arts and culture ”, tweeted Aymeric Seassau, Culture Assistant.

“A lamentable manifestation of intolerance and attack on cultural expression”, also tweeted Olivier Château, Heritage Assistant at Nantes City Hall.

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Anna von Hausswolff is a post-metal and experimental rock singer, pianist, organist, and songwriter. In one of his songs “Pills”, she evokes drug addiction and says metaphorically to have “Make love with the devil”.

The sequel after the advertisement

According to the blog “Beige living room” which is defined as held by “Lay Catholics”, the concert was initially to be held in the Saint-Clément church, “Which hosts the traditional mass in Nantes”, and was moved to the Notre-Dame du Bon-Port church, a place considered more open. “This concert arouses strong protests from the faithful, because the works, titles, covers and clips bear witness to works rooted in Gothic, even Satanism”, explains its author.

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