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In Nice, Mayor Christian Estrosi offers saliva tests for children in leisure and holiday centers

No health pass in Nice for children in leisure centers. After announcing it on Friday, the city’s mayor Christian Estrosi finally gave it up, recommending instead that families have saliva tests.

“Saliva tests but no health pass for our leisure and holiday centers, he tweeted. The city of Nice offers and recommends these saliva tests to families to avoid an increased circulation of the virus and the total closure of the centers which would penalize parents and children. “

According to the director general of the services of the Alpes-Maritimes Lauriano Azinheirinha, these tests will remain “Optional”. Offers at the Théâtre de Verdure platform and at the entrance to leisure centers, specifies France Bleu Azur.

Negative test for unvaccinated facilitators

In an email sent to parents and revealed by “Nice Matin”, the city’s children’s department announced that the pass would be compulsory in leisure centers from Wednesday July 28. A measure decided following ” an increase in cases of covid in leisure and reception centers ” in the city, but backwards in the opinion of the deputies, who wish to exempt young people from it until September 30.

“Facilitators and staff who are not vaccinated must take a test to ensure the best possible protection”, Christian Estrosi also announced.

Leisure centers will also be closed upon discovery of a positive case, by age group, according to Christian Estrosi from “Nice Matin”.

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