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In Pauillac in Gironde, the festival “Les vendanges du 7e art” celebrates open-air cinema with Jean Dujardin as a guest star

Cinephiles were impatiently awaiting it: The harvest of the 7th art, international film festival in Médoc, returns this summer after a canceled 2020 edition. This year, no jury or awards, but a program that gives pride of place to outdoor screenings. A way to reconcile health constraints and festivities. The spectators validate the formula. “I was reassured by the open air side, says a festival-goer. And then, it’s summer, it’s festive, it reminds me of childhood memories “, she smiles.

For the director of the festival, this edition is all the more important as it follows a long period of health crisis with closures of cultural places. “We want to party, assures Jocelyne Aymé, also director of the Eden cinema. Both with summer visitors but also with Medocans, who are present at our meetings. This contributes to the cultural opening up of the Médoc, and that is really very important for us “, she emphasizes.

Saturday July 24, festival-goers were able to attend the premiere of the film OSS 117: Red alert in black Africa by Nicolas Bedos, screened at the Cannes Film Festival. An event that generated a lot of enthusiasm. “We are very passionate and we are so happy to have this here, explains a spectator who came with friends. For us, it’s really a big opportunity and we would have done anything to come “, he continues. “We are ready to do anything for the best French agent“says his friend.

The screening took place with the presence of part of the film crew, including Jean Dujardin, who plays for the third time the grotesque secret agent Hubert Bonisseur de La Bath. “I can both be glorious and very shabby“, presents the actor, adding that there is”a real desire for cinema in the OSS every time“.

The actor testified his joy to find the public. “We’ll still need to watch movies together, go to the opera together, be together anyway, advances Jean Dujardin. Not with people who tweet, but with real humans, people who are there and who want to share a moment of comedy together. Above all, that’s the worst part about this crap virus and in this time, it is that it keeps us away. “

The same day, festival-goers were able to attend a meeting with Dominique Besnehard, producer and former star agent, who came to share his experience in the cinema industry. “France is a land of cinema: only in France is there a cinema in all the cities, he believes. We have a lot of aid and fortunately, the French cultural exception means that there is funding“. Theaters have suffered greatly from the health crisis and closures. After a rush in cinemas to reopen in May, the arrival of the health pass this week has led to a significant drop in the number of admissions.

The harvests of the 7th art of Pauillac
Every Saturday until August 28

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