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In the footsteps of Chinese survivors of the “Titanic”

First there had been the awful clamor, the cries and tears in unison. And suddenly there is silence. This April 14, 1912, the night was clear and we could make out the giant shadow of the “Titanic”, tilted vertically, sinking into the icy waters. After the collision with the iceberg, the liner had continued to light up the ocean, all of its electric lights still flashing in a strange celebration. Then everything had turned black. And in the chaos had resounded the crash of the carcass breaking in two, and the howls of thousands of desperate voices. The lifeboats – only twenty – had moved away from the “Titanic”.

At the head of boat 14, Captain Lowe had unloaded some of his passengers to another boat, which was not full, then waited before heading again towards the wreck to save a few unfortunate people. Before, it would have been insane, he would explain during his hearing before the commission of inquiry in the United States Senate, which takes place from April to July 1912. They would have been surrounded by panicked men and women, in the water, clutching their boat, they would have sunk.

It is therefore in this unreal silence that the canoe had returned to the wreck, slaloming between frozen bodies, floating on the surface, like the boat of Charon, the ferryman of the dead on the Styx river in Greek mythology. One of the rowers would say: “I dared not look around for fear of losing my means. “ In the distance there was a castaway clinging to

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