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In the Scindia royal family, food was served by a silver train, the Maharaja was embarrassed by the accident

The Maharaja of Gwalior had prepared a special train for himself. This silver train used to run on a 250 feet long track on a table.

At the time of independence, India was divided into more than 500 small and big princely states. The kings of these princely states were unique in their hobbies and moods of the princes, nizams and maharajas. At that time the Scindia royal family of Gwalior was one of the largest princely states. Apart from all things, the Scindia family was also known for its hospitality. All the delicious dishes were served in the royal feasts, but the eyes of the guests were fixed on the silver train through which the food reached them.

Actually, the Maharaja of Gwalior had prepared a special train for himself. This silver train used to run on a 250 feet long track on a table. This table was kept in the hall where the Maharaja often used to feast. Noted writers and historians Dominic Lapierre and Larry Collins write in their book ‘Freedom at Midnight’ that the Maharaja of Gwalior was a spectator of electric trains. He had a train that no toy boy could have imagined.

Maharaj himself used to control: To control this train serving food, a board was installed, in which various buttons were installed. By pressing these buttons, a dish could be delivered to any guest sitting on the doorstep. Often the Maharaja himself used to control it.

Were embarrassed in front of the Viceroy: However, the Maharaja had to be embarrassed once due to this train. Actually, the Maharaja had organized a banquet for the Viceroy with great pomp. Everything was going well that evening. Suddenly the wires of that train got entangled with each other and there was no control. The dishes kept on the train kept falling on the clothes of the guests. Broth spilled on a guest’s clothes and roasted meat on someone else. The Maharaja was greatly embarrassed by this incident in front of the Viceroy.

The glory of the Maharaja of Bharatpur was special: The Maharaja of Bharatpur was also known for his elegance at that time. His car was one of the most modern cars of that time. The body of this Rolls-Royce car of the Maharaja was made of silver and the roof was also about to open. The value and elegance of this car can be gauged from the fact that the Maharaja used to lend this car to other princes of his community on special occasions like marriages.


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