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In the United States, the time for the purge within the Republican Party

This Wednesday, May 12 will be a historic day for America, a day that we may say, in many years: “This is where everything changed”. In which direction ? That’s the question.

A priori, not enough to whip a spade: the 212 Republicans in the House of Representatives voted to eject Liz Cheney from the post of No. 3 of their parliamentary delegation, to replace her with a loyal Donald Trump. If her name means anything to you, it’s normal: she is the eldest daughter of Dick Cheney, the vice-president of George W. Bush.

Liz Cheney isn’t exactly a moderate. Under Trump’s presidency, she followed her voting instructions 92.3% of the time. She is the only elected to the House of Wyoming, the sparsely populated rural state where Trump obtained his best score in 2020 as a percentage of the vote.

“Reinforced interrogation”

Many, on the left, do not forget her past positions and refuse to make her a heroine. In 2009, she refused to denounce the “Birthers” who claimed that Obama was not born in the United States. She defended, like her father, torture – sorry, the“Reinforced interrogation” -, she even went further than her dad in intolerant conservatism by refusing to accept gay marriage, despite the fact that her sister had married a woman.

Why, under these conditions, does his certain eviction from the party hierarchy fascinate so many people? The answer comes in one name: Trump. Liz Cheney is one of the 10 elected

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