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Incest accusations: Gérard Louvin and her husband say they are victims of blackmail, open investigation

An investigation was opened on February 17 to “Blackmail” after a complaint from producer Gérard Louvin and her husband, Daniel Moyne, against the nephew of the first, Olivier A., ​​who had formulated charges of incest, said the Paris prosecutor’s office, requested by AFP.

The couple has been the subject of an investigation since January 21 for “Rape of minors” targeting Daniel Moyne and “complicity in rape of minors” targeting Gérard Louvin after the filing of a complaint by Gérard Louvin’s nephew, Olivier A.

Quickly, Gérard Louvin and Daniel Moyne had denounced the “blackmail” of which they considered themselves victims.

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In their complaint dating from early February, of which AFP has obtained a copy, they accuse Olivier A. of having “Tried to get more than 700,000 euros” from them, because he “Feared to have been removed from the succession” of his uncle.

According to their version of the facts, Olivier A. “Spread in the media in order to destroy the reputation of the couple and then filed a complaint for facts not only disputed but clearly prescribed”.

“They will soon be heard by the investigators concerning this complaint”, welcomed Me Céline Bekerman, lawyer for Daniel Moyne.

“A counter-fire”, according to Gérard Louvin’s nephew

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Me Pierre Debuisson, for his part told AFP that he had “No new comment to make for the moment, having already indicated that these accusations were ridiculous and only constituted a backfire”.

At least two other complaints from two other people denouncing respectively rape of a 15-year-old minor and sexual assault, were added to the investigation into the charges of incest, entrusted to the Brigade for the protection of minors.

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Me Debuisson had indicated in early February that four other complaints had been filed for “Rapes” and “Sexual assault” targeting the couple, and that more complaints are pending.

Olivier A., ​​48, had filed a complaint in early January for “Complicity in rape by ascendant on a minor of 15 years” against his uncle Gérard Louvin, accusing him of having “Favored” incestuous rapes committed on him by her husband, Daniel Moyne.

The information had been revealed by the daily “Le Monde”, some time after the publication by the lawyer Camille Kouchner of a book in which she accuses her father-in-law, the political scientist Olivier Duhamel, of having raped his twin brother.

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