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Include these 5 foods in the diet, will remove acidity

Acidity Natural Remedies: People adopt all methods to keep themselves healthy. From healthy routine to fitness, they do everything they can to stay healthy. But due to today’s busy life and irregularity in food, people have problems of acidity. Health experts believe that whenever acidic substances found in the stomach get into the food pipe, there is a problem of acidity. It not only causes discomfort in the body, but also causes abdominal pain. Due to acidity people complain of sour belching, flatulence, chest and stomach irritation. In such a situation, the consumption of some foods helps to overcome this problem, let’s know –

banana: Banana is considered the best natural antacid. Health experts also recommend eating this excellent source of potassium daily. Eating a banana daily in between meals or evening snacks will not cause acidity and chest irritation.

Buttermilk: If you are afraid of acidity after eating spicy food then drink a glass of buttermilk instantly. The lactic acid present in it does not allow acidity in the stomach.

Tulsi Leaf: Basil leaf can also prove effective in getting rid of acidity immediately. If you want, you can chew some leaves or boil 3-4 basil leaves in a cup of water and consume it.

Hot Water: Do not drink water immediately after eating to avoid acidity. Every time after a meal drink a glass of lukewarm water instead of cold water. It will also digest food easily and reduce the risk of acidity.

Jaggery: Jaggery is rich in magnesium, which provides strength to the intestine, making it easier to digest food. In such a situation, people who are struggling with digestive or indigestion problems, they should make a habit of eating jaggery after meals every day.

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