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Increased blood sugar can cause many skin problems, know what to keep in mind

High Blood Sugar Symptoms: Earlier, where the diabetes disease used to bother some people, in today’s time many people are patients of this disease. It is a lifestyle-related disease that causes billions of people worldwide. Men, women and even children suffer from this disease. When the level of blood sugar in the body increases, then there is a problem of diabetes. Increasing blood sugar levels in the body can cause not only diabetes problems, but also many skin problems.

According to health experts, people may sometimes have skin problems in the condition of diabetes or pre-diabetes. According to a study, around 75 percent of people worldwide are suffering from skin problems associated with type 2 diabetes. Let’s know in detail –

What are the causes of skin problems: High blood sugar slows down blood flow in the body, causing inadequate blood and nutrition to the blood vessels and veins. In this case, white blood cells become unable to fight infection. This affects the skin’s ability to prevent damage.

Dryness: Spots around the neck, armpit, groin, elbow and knees indicate diabetes. Apart from this, skin dryness is also a problem caused by high blood sugar. Also, people may have itching problem in the affected area. Skin redness and rashes can also be caused by fungal infections.

Thick Skin: According to health experts, those whose blood sugar level of the finger or thumb should be seen should check their blood sugar level. This may be due to digital sclerosis. Around the hands and fingers, the skin looks like a tight and waxy layer. These are commonly seen in the posterior part of the fingers. They can spread to your arms. Sometimes, in severe cases, it appears in the upper back, shoulders and neck.

Athletes Foot: High blood sugar also affects the skin of the feet, causing swelling, burning, pain, wounds and infection problems in the feet. In addition, athlete’s foot is also a symptom of diabetes. Not only this, people get boils on the arms and legs due to this disease.

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