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India wants to turn car horns into musical instruments

IndiaIndia’s transport minister wants to replace horns and trumpets with flutes or grand piano sounds.

In India, when participating in traffic, car owners may have to hear continuous trumpets on the roads. These are the typical music that cannot be missed in India, but when it does affect the traffic partly due to their discomfort to the pedestrians.

India’s Transport Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said the plan was to get rid of the harsh air horns and mute the sirens, replacing them with the sound of a flute or a sitar.

Heavy traffic in India. Photo: Carscoops

The idea is strange, but Gadkari has a basis for doing so. In 2017, he successfully banned the use of red beacons on “VIP” cars. Flashing red lights, also known as “lal batti” (the ultimate status symbol on India’s roads), but that is seen as colonial legacy that has no place in a democratic society .

Page Hindu Reportedly, the minister came up with the idea after being disturbed by traffic horns during his morning yoga practice. He said he is thinking of using radio tunes for ambulances to make people feel comfortable.

He added: “I am working on this and there are plans to introduce a law that the horns of all vehicles must be Indian musical instruments to be easily heard like: flute, tabla , violin, organ, harmonium”.

In addition to solving the problems of road noise pollution, the minister has also suggested that Tesla set up shop in the Asian country earlier this year. India faces the daunting task of deploying electric vehicle infrastructure. However, domestic automaker Tata Motors estimates that electric cars will account for 25% of total vehicle sales in India by 2026.

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