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Indira Gandhi did not send any papers related to Punjab to President Giani Zail Singh, Rajiv Gandhi also became angry

Former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi’s tenure as Prime Minister was very short, but he had opened the doors of India for many things. Rajiv Gandhi was not inclined towards politics, but after the sudden demise of Indira Gandhi, he had to enter the political arena. Rajiv Gandhi was an outspoken politician and used to openly express his opinion on every issue. He did not hesitate to take big decisions.

Senior journalist Veer Sanghvi in ​​his recent book ‘A Rude Life: The Memoir’ has mentioned about one of his meetings with Rajiv Gandhi. NDTV has published the Excerpt of this book. Veer Sanghvi writes, ‘When I asked Rajiv Gandhi about Giani Gel, he thought it right to answer it. Rajiv Gandhi had said, ‘Do you know how he was playing during the Punjab problem? I also have the papers written by my mother, in which the mother has written that the Gnani has failed to bring peace in Punjab.

Veer Sanghvi Rajiv Gandhi Referring to his conversation with him, he further writes, ‘The leaders of Punjab used to come to Delhi to talk and on their return they used to get a call from Giani Zail Singh. He used to lure them not to agree so much, the government would give you a little more. After hearing about this, my mother stopped sending him all the papers related to Punjab and so did we.

Indeed, during the tenure of Indira Gandhi, the militant movement in Punjab and the demand for Khalistan was at its peak. Indira Gandhi’s situation in Punjab To overcome this, ‘Operation Blue Star’ was given the green signal. Operation Blue Star was carried out by the Indian Army from 3 to 6 June 1984 to free the Harmandir Sahib Complex in Amritsar, Punjab from pro-Khalistan supporter General Singh Bhindranwale and his supporters. Giani Zail Singh was the President of the country during that time. The operation had angered the Sikh community. The government had been accused of being anti-Sikh.

Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi: Let us tell you that on 21 May 1991, Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in a bomb blast in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. According to the BBC, journalist Nina Gopal was also present there. Neena had told, ‘Normally I do not wear a white saree, but that day I wore a white saree and reached the spot. But there was a loud bang in front of my eyes. Before the explosion, there was a little rattling sound. Then my white sari turned black in a sudden explosion.’

Senior journalist and author Rashid Kidwai writes in Sonia Gandhi’s biography ‘Sonia: A Biography’, ‘I got a call from Chennai to Delhi. The caller wanted to talk to Sonia Gandhi or Vincent George (Private Secretary of Rajiv). George took the phone and tried to ask about Rajiv Gandhi, but there was no sound from the front. George asked in a slightly louder voice how is Rajiv? why don’t you tell? A voice came from the other side, ‘Sir, Rajiv Gandhi is no more in this world and the phone got disconnected.’

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