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Indonesian fans attacked Doan Van Hau on social media, Vietnamese fans responded simply and profoundly

Tuesday, June 8, 2021 12:35 PM (GMT+7)

Indonesian fans were quite bitter with 4 goals that were not removed and went to Doan Van Hau’s Facebook to attack.

As a habit, after every fiery match between the Vietnamese men’s football team and regional teams, fans of both sides often create waves on social networks.

For the Vietnam – Indonesia match in the second qualifying round – Group G World Cup 2022, Indonesian fans were quite bitter with the result of 4 goals not removed and went to Doan Van Hau’s personal Facebook page to attack.

Vietnamese fans responded to Indonesian netizens’ attacks on Doan Van Hau.

Indonesian fans attacked Doan Van Hau because of his hatred in the SEA Games final, when the defender wearing the number 5 shirt of Vietnam made a mistake that made Evan Dimas of your team unable to continue playing. In the minds of Indonesian fans, this situation led to their defeat in the above final.

Now, underneath Doan Van Hau’s posts on Facebook, Indonesian fans again mention the old story and comment Van Hau “plays bad”, “obsessed”, … along with some vulgar curse comments. . On the contrary, Vietnamese fans responded very culturally in a simple but profound way. For example, the photo of Van Hau as a “superior” is crushing the Indonesian player.

Indonesian fans attacked Doan Van Hau on MXH, Vietnamese fans responded simply but profoundly - 3

The profound response of Vietnamese fans, just laughing “hahaha” for a long time.

For example, under the comment calling Van Hau a “bullshit” or “a person who borrowed Evan’s feet”, Facebookers in Vietnam only responded with a photo or simply “4 – 0”, “loser” ), “4 – 0, la la la”,…

There was even a Facebooker who wrote a very long comment in both English and Vietnamese to send to Indonesian fans, saying stop threatening Doan Van Hau with uncultured words.

In addition, although there are still some Vietnamese fans who have not really mastered the comments to their team’s fans, in general, it can be seen that the way Vietnamese fans use social networks has a more positive direction than before. . By cultural behavior, the online community in Vietnam will build a beautiful image in the eyes of international friends.


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