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Infected vision and female life

The wheel of time never changes its direction, but the change of its course and direction definitely changes from the latitude and longitude of the truth of life and the discourse related to it. This change can be understood by an incident during the coronal, especially about women, who are looking for a human surface to stick around us today. Dhananjay Kumar (27), a resident of Ganta Tola in Gonda district, Jharkhand, left for Gwalior on a scooter to get his pregnant wife Soni Hembram (22) to undergo the Diploma in Education (second year) examination. Due to Corona stopping the means of public transport like bus-train, Dhananjay traveled 12 hundred kilometers on a scooter and reached the examination center with a pregnant wife. After this video of them went viral, the Gwalior district administration offered to help this tribal couple to reach Jharkhand safely.

Dhananjay told the media that if he used to take his wife for examination by taxi, it would have cost at least thirty thousand rupees and he did not have that much money. Ten thousand rupees were needed to travel by scooter also and for this, wife’s jewelery had to be mortgaged. As he was going towards Gwalior, there was heavy rains in Bihar, the scooter fell into the pit on the way and Sony suffered a lot. Eighth pass Dhananjay used to work as a cook in a caterer. He has been unemployed for the last three months.

The news was shown on the media as a dare to husband. Very few people noticed that who is responsible for a pregnant woman traveling on a scooter for two days to Gwalior. During this time she also fell in the pit. Such a situation should not come with a normal person, she was pregnant. Any accident could have happened to that couple.
Her passing through this danger during pregnancy should have been seen as a crime in the eyes of the government and society. But the glorification was done as the courage of the husband and his wife-love. The question should be asked not only to others but also to ourselves that in a difficult period, we have become so insensitive about women that let alone human rights, even the common human needs are bent on being rendered meaningless. Ll

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