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Info stories. The beautiful losers: Molly Ringwald, the actress who turned down “Ghost” and “Pretty Woman”

Molly Ringwald, January 30, 1985. Year of release of “Breakfast Club”. (BOB RIHA JR / PHOTO ARCHIVE)

It was a few months ago, the American actress Molly Ringwald recounted her decision to settle in Paris in the early 1990s: “I realized that I was happy. I haven’t been happy in Hollywood in a while. I wasn’t inspired by the roles that were offered to me. I lived in a beautiful house but that had been decorated by someone else and it was not my style. I was not myself and I had to find who I am. “

At the time, Molly Ringwald was at the bottom of the wave after surfing the success in teenage films that made Hollywood triumph in the 1980s. She is particularly featured in a cult movie. released in 1985: Breakfast Club.

This film was also to change the life of Molly Ringwald, who became America’s little fiancée. The roles are linked, the bad and the good. Those she accepts and those she refuses. And there are two that she refuses, which have entered the pantheon of Hollywood female roles in recent years… Two films released in the same year, 1990. They are Pretty woman and Ghost, two films that will propel the careers of their two performers, Julia Roberts and Demi Moore.

Molly Ringwald might also be a Hollywood star today.
But maybe she made a choice that suited her better. After her Parisian years, she played a lot on Broadway and today she is in successful series. Sometimes we can get lost in order to find ourselves.

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