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Instruct parents to link a TikTok account with their child for security settings

Saturday, 11/21/2020 16:05 PM (GMT + 7)

Parents will link their TikTok accounts with their children by scanning a QR Code and setting up controls.

TikTok application has just been updated with “Smart Family”, in order to raise security and safety issues for users in the network environment. Specifically, parents will link their TikTok account with their child by scanning a QR Code, and at the same time supporting setting up controls such as time management, restriction mode and direct messaging.

Some setup steps for “Smart Home” feature.

The new settings include:

Search mode: Directly manage children’s searches of users, hashtags, sounds, and online content.

Comment mode: Decide who can comment on your child’s video (people, friends, or no one).

Visibility: Decide whether it’s private or public for your child’s account. With private mode, children will be the one who decides who can see their content. As for the public mode, anyone can search and view your child’s content.

Videos are liked: Decide who can watch the videos your child likes.

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Unexpected developments on the TikTok ban of President Donald Trump

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