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Internet connection in Vietnam to international is affected due to 3 undersea cable routes having problems

Saturday, 11/27/2021 14:35 PM (GMT+7)

A representative of an Internet service provider in Vietnam (ISP) said that the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) international undersea fiber optic cable is having trouble with the S3 segment, causing a loss of 250G of Internet connection capacity from Vietnam to Japan. Copy, United States.

During the repair of the Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) cable from November 24 to 29, the system will shut down the HKG docking station in Hong Kong (China), thus disrupting the Internet connection on this undersea cable. . It is expected that APG sea cable will restore all Internet traffic on the route on November 29.

Currently, in addition to APG undersea cable, there are 2 other international undersea fiber optic cable routes that have also had service interruptions, or have not completely restored connection capacity due to previous problems, namely Asia America Gateway (AAG) and Asia America Gateway (AAG) cables. Asia Africa Europe 1 cable route (AAE-1).

Specifically, AAG experienced a source leak on the S1I branch on the evening of October 22. At the same time, the AAG cable branch connecting Vietnam – Singapore is also faulty from the end of October 2021. Currently, the system has been scheduled to be repaired by an international partner and is expected to be completed on December 15.

As for the problem on the AAE-1 cable line, on November 20, the cable repair ship has completely fixed the fault on the S1H.3 segment, temporarily restoring capacity on the AAE-1 cable line. Currently, the ship is continuing to repair the remaining fault on the S1H.4 segment, expected to be completed on November 27. At that time, the international connection on the AAE-1 undersea optical cable route will be stable again.


The time to repair AAG undersea fiber optic cable is still long

In at least another month, the problems occurring on the AAG undersea fiber optic cable are expected to be fixed only…


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