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Is it bad due to period cramps? These 3 ways can bring relief

Periods mean the time of menstruation is no less than a roller-coaster ride for some women. Although it is a natural process of women’s life, but for some women it is very painful. During menstruation, women start experiencing problems like severe pain in the abdomen and waist, mood swings, body pain and vomiting. Some women have severe back pain, while some have trouble with leg cramps. Women often use medicines to get rid of period cramps. But these pain killers increase the risk of many diseases.

In such a situation, to avoid the side effects of pain killers and Home remedies to get rid of period cramps can use. These home remedies naturally get rid of period pain and cramps.

Massage with sesame or coconut oil: Coconut and sesame oil contain a variety of nutrients. Apart from the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it, linoleic acid is also found. To get rid of period cramps, you can massage the lower part of the abdomen with coconut or oil. Due to this the muscles are relaxed and they do not cramp.

Use a heating pad: Compressing with warm water also provides great relief in period pain. You can use a heating pad for this. You get instant relief by compressing the waist and abdomen with a heating pad. the health experts during periods It is also advised to take a bath with hot water and consume such substances.

Herbal Tea: Consuming herbal tea during periods can provide relief in pain. During this, you can drink ginger tea without milk. If you add black pepper to tea, it gives a lot of relief. Herbal tea not only reduces the pain of periods, but it is also effective in getting rid of irregularities.

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