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Is PCOS pregnant possible? Know what are its symptoms

Due to today’s deteriorating lifestyle and food, women face a lot of problems in conceiving. Apart from this, women also have a lot of difficulty in getting pregnant due to PCOS. PCOS i.e. polycystic ovarian syndrome is a type of problem that affects the fertility of women. According to a research, one in 10 women suffer from PCOS.

Let me tell you, due to PCOS, the process of ovulation is interrupted in the body of women, that is, they are not able to release eggs every month, which makes it difficult to conceive. According to experts, the problem of PCOS is due to the increase of the male hormone androgen in the body.

There is a secretion of hormone called androgen in the body of women, but its quantity is very less. However, when the secretion of this hormone starts to increase in the body, then the problem of PCOS starts. Apart from this, weight gain also occurs due to increased amount of insulin in the body, due to which the symptoms of PCOS start to appear.

Symptoms of PCOS: In PCOS problem, menstrual irregularity starts. Some women struggling with this disease have periods only less than 8 times a year. In addition, pimples are increased on the face. Also, there is a problem in conceiving. The growth of hair in the face and lower abdomen of women who are suffering from PCOS increases. The body begins to thicken, as well as the mass near the neck and underarms begins to increase.

Women suffering from PCOS can also conceive: According to health experts, women suffering from PCOS disease can also conceive. For this, it is very important to understand their ovulation pattern, this can give you success in conception. You can consult your doctor for this. If your condition is not improving even through medicines, then you can also adopt the option of in-vitro fertilization.

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