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Isolation of people positive for Covid-19 extended to 10 days from Monday

The circulation of Covid-19 variants continues in France. Citing studies suggesting the possibility that variants “ would be responsible for a longer duration of contagiousness than the classic Covid “, The Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced this Thursday, February 18 that the isolation period for all patients who test positive for Covid-19 will be reduced from 7 to 10 days from Monday, February 22.

For contact cases, the duration of the isolation will always be 7 days.

“The vast majority of positive tests are passed through screening, or sequencing”, also declared Olivier Véran during a press conference. This technique has made it possible to establish that the so-called British variant now represents 36% of the tests carried out in France, while the Brazilian and South African variants represent 5%, according to the minister.

The enigma of the South African variant in Moselle: “The origin is not identified”

The British variant is particularly present in Dunkirk (North), where it represents 72% of cases: ” The incidence, which is rising steadily, exceeds 600 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per week », Specified the minister during a press conference. In Mayotte, it is the South African variant that worries the authorities, representing 69% of cases.

“Absolute vigilance”

Regarding the high plateau of the epidemic in which France is located and which questions scientists, the Minister observed:

“It is clear that a high rate of variants is not always accompanied, at least not at the beginning, by an increase in the number of contaminations, and honesty obliges me to tell you that for the time being , we do not know how to explain it. “

“The weeks ahead are key weeks. This uncertainty around variants should prompt us to be absolutely vigilant. », Hammered Olivie Véran.

While people between the ages of 65 and 75 were considered to be “the forgotten people of the vaccination”, the minister indicated that the government hoped to be able to open the vaccination to them. ” Between end of March and mid-April, depending on the number of people over 75 who have chosen to be vaccinated ”.

The minister recalled on Thursday the gravity of the epidemic in France: “Each week, the Covid kills as many people in France as road accidents in a year”, he noted.

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