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Israeli soldiers entered Gaza Strip, IDF says

Israeli troops have entered the Gaza Strip as part of the ongoing military operation against the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, the army announced on Friday, May 14 at the start of the night.

“Israeli air force and ground troops are carrying out an attack in the Gaza Strip”, the military said in a brief message. Asked by AFP, army spokesman Jonathan Conricus confirmed that Israeli soldiers had entered the Palestinian enclave, but did not specify their number.

“The longer the conflict lasts, the more Netanyahu’s chances of staying in power grow”

” We are ready “

Faced with increasing rocket fire by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, the Israeli army deployed tanks and other armored vehicles along the barrier separating Israel from the Palestinian enclave from which the Israeli army had withdrawn. unilaterally in 2005.

“We are ready and we continue to prepare for different scenarios”, had earlier declared the spokesman of the army, specifying that a ground invasion was “One of the scenarios”. The Ministry of Defense has given the green light to the army to mobilize thousands of reservists if necessary.

Sheikh Jarrah, the district at the heart of the crisis in Jerusalem

“Any ground incursion into any area of ​​the Gaza Strip will be an opportunity to increase the number of deaths and prisoners among the enemy”, warned the armed wing of Hamas which continued to launch rockets at night towards the Israeli south bordering Gaza. On Thursday, the Israeli army continued to shell Gaza, on the fourth day of a conflict that claimed more than 100 lives in Palestinian territory.

A meeting of the UN Security Council on the situation in the Middle East will take place on Sunday, diplomats said in the wake of the Israeli attack. This meeting, initially scheduled for Friday, was requested by Tunisia, Norway and China. The United States, which had blocked Friday’s session and planned a meeting early next week, agreed to bring it forward to Sunday, the sources said.

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