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Issues that cannot be ignored when buying an electric car

Operation range, interior space or exterior color are factors that first-time electric car buyers need to pay attention to.

In the global market, electric cars are increasing their market share significantly. The number of orders of electric car companies is still increasing steadily. However, shopping for an electric car is different from a car using an internal combustion engine. Here are common concerns for an electric car buyer:

Range of activities to suit your needs

This is a top concern for electric vehicle buyers. On the market, electric cars have a traveling range of about 160-480 km, especially some higher cars, up to 600 km such as Tesla Model S Long Range. However, the common distance on electric cars today is about 320 km, after each full charge.

The speedometer on the Ford Mustang E Mach displays a lot of information, including the distance traveled by the vehicle. Photo: Digital Trends

If you calculate the average number of kilometers traveled when commuting to work in the city, such an electric car can have enough energy to travel a week. If used for the purpose of moving to the suburbs on weekends, electric vehicles with a distance of 300 km are suitable for day trips.

Generally, you should buy an electric vehicle that has more range than you expect, because when you start using it, there will be a number of factors that change the reality. For example, if you are using an electric vehicle for the first time, the battery may drain faster whether you are traveling on the highway, or moving in the city.

Due to habit, maybe changing speed often, moving in extreme conditions, such as in hot weather, you need the air conditioner in your car to work more, or you simply change company. Work and travel distance per day is more than originally planned…

Review prices, including deals

Electric car models range in price from economy to luxury like the Porsche Taycan. Therefore, consider your budget and usage needs to choose the right electric car.

A Porsche Taycan model in Vietnam.  Photo: Pham Trung

A Porsche Taycan model in Vietnam. Photo: Pham Trung

Buying a used electric car is also a financial saving option, if you really have a need to use an electric vehicle. However, you need to keep in mind that electric cars after 3 years of use have a shorter travel distance after each charge, when compared to a completely new electric car of the same type.

The interior space meets the requirements

In addition to the price and range of electric vehicles, you need to choose the right car for your daily use habits. For example, a subcompact electric vehicle can be cramped for a tall person.

Cockpit on an electric model of Chevrolet.

The cockpit on the Bolt electric car. Photo: Chevrolet

Legroom in both rows of seats, the space in the rear seats should be carefully checked by you before deciding to buy a car. If you have young children, determine how difficult/easy it is to get them in and out of the car. In addition, the rear luggage compartment is large enough and suitable for your car usage habits. Also, check that the space is large enough when you stack the rear seats to carry bulky items.

Make sure your electric car driving experience matches your preferences and habits

No matter what car you’re looking for, new or used, petrol or electric, you want to test drive it thoroughly before you buy. It is important to ensure that the vehicle is at an acceptable level of comfort under all operating conditions. For someone who has never ridden an electric vehicle before, you will find a different driving experience compared to a conventional gasoline engine vehicle.

Nissan Leaf 2021 rolling in the US.  Photo: Nissan

Nissan Leaf 2021 rolling in the US. Photo: Nissan

With a car without an engine and exhaust, the car will operate more quietly. This can make you surprised and a little confused when manipulating. In addition, the electric car will also provide 100% of the power as soon as the accelerator pedal hits the floor, so the driver also needs to pay attention to the accelerator pedal operation.

In addition, current electric cars use a single-speed gearbox, so there will be no feeling of shifting when operating. Even the degree of “engine braking” naturally differs from that of a gasoline-powered vehicle, as most electric vehicles have a braking system that regenerates energy during braking, so you can see the car reduce faster speed.

Pay attention to charging options

Even if you have a standard charging outlet in your home, you may still have the need to add a fast-charging “premium” wall charger in your garage to make the most of your time. Usually this “level 2” wall charger uses 240 V, and you may need to contact your utility company to see if this fast charger can be installed at home.

Charging station is one of the important notes when using electric vehicles.

A driver charges a Chevrolet car in the US. Photo: GM

You also need to pay attention to public charging stations near where you live, work and shop in case your car’s battery capacity is low when moving.

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