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Isuzu D-Max single cabin costs less than 400 million

D-Max becomes the first pickup line with a single cabin option in Vietnam with a tonnage of 965 kg, a 1.9-liter diesel engine, imported from Thailand.

Many sales consultants of Isuzu dealers in the south said that the new version of D-Max with a single cabin configuration of 399 million VND is about to be sold in Vietnam. The delivery time is expected in the second half of June with a preferential price of VND 29 million when buying a car this time. After completing the rolling procedures, the dealer reduced another 20 million, ie the price of the car after the incentive was 350 million dong.

Isuzu D-Max single cabin version in the factory premises of the company in Go Vap. Image: Isuzu

Isuzu Vietnam said that there is no official information about the sale of Isuzu D-Max single cabin version. While a source of the company revealed, Isuzu is in the preparation stage, learning the market’s reaction to this model. The company’s plan wants to penetrate the segment of trucks under 1 ton to expand market share. “The price of 399 million dong also only applies at this stage, a small amount of imported cars are sold to customers, not sold in mass,” he said.

The single cabin version of D-Max appearing in Vietnam currently meets Euro 4 emission standards. According to Decision 49/2011 of the Prime Minister, newly manufactured, assembled and imported cars must meet gas standards. Euro 5 emissions from January 1, 2022. Therefore, the company has a reason not to import in large quantities and sell it in bulk when the deadline for new cars to be sold with Euro 4 emission standards is about half a year. By 2022, if the single-cabin D-Max configuration receives a positive response from the market and the company wants to sell in large numbers, the new model will have Euro 5 emission standards and the car price is likely to be adjusted.

D-Max single-cabin version appeared in Vietnam with a 2-seat configuration, carrying weight 965 kg. According to Regulation 41/2019, this version of the Isuzu D-Max is classified as a truck and is subject to speed, lanes and operating hours in city centers.

According to information from the dealer, Isuzu D-Max single cabin version has a cargo box of 2,330 mm long, 1,590 mm wide, 465 mm high. The dual-cabin configuration has a cargo box that is 1,485 mm long, 1,530 mm wide and 465 mm high.

The cockpit of the D-Max single-cabin version.

The cockpit of the D-Max single-cabin version.

The front-end design is similar to the new generation D-Max (dual cabin, 4-door) launched in mid-April, priced at VND 630-850 million. To target pure cargo needs, practicality and reduce selling price, the car has basic equipment such as halogen headlights, mechanical folding rearview mirror, 19-inch steel wheels, 2 airbags. Safety technology has ABS, EBD brake force distribution, BA brake force support.

Isuzu D-Max single-cabin version is equipped with 1.9-liter diesel engine, capacity of 150 horsepower at 3,600 rpm, maximum torque of 350 Nm at 1,800 – 2,600 rpm. 6-speed manual transmission, rear-wheel drive. This engine is similar to the dual-cabin version.

In Vietnam, Isuzu D-Max is the first pickup model in the segment with a single cabin configuration. Vietnamese customers mostly use pickup trucks as cars, causing companies to ignore this segment. Models with a lot of equipment and urban design like the Ford Ranger lead in sales, while the D-Max is at the bottom of the table, selling 188 cars in 2020.

In Thailand, most pickup truck manufacturers offer single-cabin configurations with the lowest prices to attract small business customers in rural areas doing agriculture. The single cabin version of the Isuzu model is called D-Max Spark. In 2020, Isuzu D-Max is the best-selling pickup model in the segment and the entire market in this country, reaching 160,328 vehicles, 6.5 times more than rival Ranger.

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