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Items that ‘lose money to carry’ when installed on cars

Some toys such as seat belts, stainless steel door panels, anti-stagnation stickers installed often do more harm than good.

On the market today, in addition to useful accessories such as dashcams, tire pressure sensors, and insulating films, there are many accessories that are not useful or should not be installed in cars. Here are some such accessories, some completely unreasonable, some only effective if used correctly.

Fasten seat belt

A safety latch fools the car. Photo: Shopify

Many drivers do not want to wear a seat belt while driving, but then the car will issue an audible warning, with a light on the dashboard. To solve this problem, many drivers still fasten the rope but loop it behind their back, not over their body. Or a more expensive alternative, is to buy extra latches to fool the car that the driver has buckled.

This is an action that is not only illegal, but also carries a fatal risk if a traffic accident occurs. However, there are still many car owners who ignore this problem, considering fake latches as decorations, a must-have item when buying a car, these types of latches are also sold a lot at car toy stores.

Many manufacturers of this type of accessory also print the words on the latch to avoid being sued if an accident happens to the user. The inscription in English reads: “Do not use if someone is sitting on the chair”.

Types of decorative panels inside and outside the car

A set of door handle covers on Fadil car.  Photo: Doan Dung

A set of door handle covers on Fadil car. Photo: Doan Dung

Covers in niches, door handles, interior trim panels, trunk panels, step panels… are also accessories chosen by many drivers, and are offered by dealers when selling new cars. These accessories are decorative and beautify the car according to the owner’s preferences.

However, the harm of attaching these accessories in the event of a collision, which is easy to detach or fall, can be dangerous for occupants and pedestrians, because the attachments are often glued with glue or tape. specialized. Interior trims can even shoot at occupants in the event of an accident, causing danger.

In some locations, such as the panel in the recess of the door handle, it is also dangerous because the poorly machined stainless steel parts can cause scratches or injury to the user. In addition, after use, it is easy to remove dirt and dust. Many panels use adhesive tape, which when removed leaves scratches, even changes the surface to be glued on the car or silver and peels off the paint.

Brake pads

A set of brake pads on a car.  Photo: 4eyaris

A set of brake pads on a car. Photo: 4eyaris

This is a detail used by many car owners for decorative purposes, increasing the aesthetics of the car. In fact, these types of covers can reduce the heat dissipation of the brake pads and also do not make the brakes more effective.

Anti-stagnation stickers

Advertised with the effect of reducing blinding on the rearview mirror or windshield when it rains. However, unlike advertising, these stickers are not too effective, and when used for a long time, they can cause staining of the glass or change the viewing angle due to the quality of the stickers.

Rubber Gaskets

Rubber gasket is added on the car door.  Photo: deltawingracing

Rubber gasket is added on the car door. Photo: deltawingracing

Manufacturers often have calculated enough positions to install or equip rubber pieces and tubes for the vehicle. However, many car owners want to install more with the desire to reduce noise and dust into the car or close the door more quietly.

In fact, the special installation of the door position can affect the vehicle’s drainage, leaving yellow stains on the sticker position and the technical aspects of the vehicle.

Convex mirror

Added by many car owners to the rearview mirror with the function to increase the viewing angle at the body and rear wheel of the vehicle. However, adding more often reduces the viewing angle of the mirror and causes inaccuracies in the observation process, because a convex mirror is a wide angle mirror.

Dashboard mats

A sample of tablo mats for cars.  Photo: noithatotosg

A sample of tablo mats for cars. Photo: noithatotosg

The main use of the carpet is to reduce the shine from the dashboard to the windshield, many car owners also think that this detail helps reduce heat or protect the car interior.

However, the carpet can affect the performance of the airbags, especially the side airbags because the carpet often covers the entire dashboard.

Rain cover

Rain cover for i10 car.  Photo: Doan Dung

An i10 with a rain cover. Photo: Doan Dung

This is an accessory that many people install, and showrooms give it to customers with the purpose of helping to avoid water splashing inside when lowering a little glass in rainy conditions, or when parking in the summer and want to leave the glass ajar. hot.

However, the rain cover increases the noise level of the car, especially when running on the highway, reducing the aerodynamics of the car. In addition, over time, the glue layer is no longer sticky, the plastic is aging, causing the rain cover to become creaking, becoming the cause of annoying “clack” sounds.

Steering wheel cover

A sample of steering wheel cover for the car.  Photo: Doan Dung

A sample of steering wheel cover for the car. Photo: Doan Dung

This accessory has the effect of protecting the steering wheel or holding it more comfortably, or helping to increase grip with a plastic steering wheel. However, the rim is not tight, does not stick to the steering wheel, it is not effective, even causing the opposite effect such as slipping when steering. If the steering wheel is comfortable in your hand and covered with leather or wood, it is best not to cover the steering wheel.


While the floor covering is directly on the chassis, the carpet is the part that covers the lining. Similar to lining, carpet is also often made from felt, many disadvantages in hot and humid conditions. Therefore, many customers choose to cover the floor with leather, young rubber or PVC. Young rubber is still the material chosen by many customers due to the reasonable price of about 400,000 VND to 1.5 million VND, easy to shape according to the car shape and easy to clean.

Recently, leather or carbon carpeting is also interested, but the high price, difficult disassembly are also obstacles despite the eye-catching design. However, in practice during the installation or sewing process, if the size is not correct, it can cause damage such as the floor mats getting caught in the brake pedal, accelerator pedal or affecting the seat folding mechanism.

Perfume, deodorant

This is a temporary solution to mask the smell of leather or plastic in the cabin of a new car. But users need to be careful in using it to avoid skin irritation and toxicity. In a closed environment, chemicals can cause toxins if you use unsafe perfumes and deodorants.

Most car deodorants come from vendors floating on the market, have not been tested and can cause irritation to users.

Some natural solutions are used by many car owners to deodorize, such as buying cinnamon, lemongrass, pandan leaves, coffee, sticky leaves…

Air cushion for the rear seats

It only takes a few minutes of pumping, the air cushion is inflated, forming a flat surface for the rear seats. Thanks to this accessory, the space behind the car can become a resting place for one or two children. On picnics or long journeys, the steam night can be an accessory that users consider using.

However, the cushion only comes into play when the vehicle is stopped. If traveling on the road, the air mattress should be stored away, especially when the vehicle is running at high speed, traveling in unfavorable road conditions. The reason is that the person lying on the mattress cannot fasten the seat belt, becoming swayed by all changes of the car. In an unexpected situation, the person lying on the air mattress has a higher risk of injury, even affecting the person sitting in front.

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