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Jacques Kluger boss of “Darklight Content”: “The horror film tells about society much more than one imagines”

Jacques Kluger boss of “Darklight Content”. (DAILYMOTION SCREENSHOTS)

It did not yet exist in France: a studio bringing together talents (writers, directors, directors of photography…) to create fictions, films, horrific podcasts. If France has great horror film directors, never has a studio adopted this editorial line. Yet it is a very trendy genre, especially popular with young people: “The audience is growing larger and larger, but obviously the heart is between 18 and 25 years old. And today, the audience is mixed after having been very masculine”, confides Jacques Kluger. Horrific is a multiple genre, between monsters, haunted houses, serial killers or psychology. “The least interesting is the film gore, the one that shows blood for blood. On the other hand, there is interest when we use a place and people to make us look at ourselves and at society. We work on our primary survival reflex, the horror film helps us to live. ” says Jacques Kluger.

To set up Darklight, Jacques Kluger joined forces with Xavier Couture, who had worked in many prestigious audiovisual positions (TF1, Canal +, France Télévisions). Its role: to provide its expertise on the expectations of the public. “The horror film tells about society much more than one imagines. It is a genre with a very strong socio-political meaning. Because it tells about Man and his fears. It is a kind of showcase in terms of what frightens us individually but also collectively. “
The 1st Darklight-labeled film will be released at the end of 2021. Not on the Covid, but is it ultimately a good subject? “Yes, viruses and pandemics are subjects that attract very strong audiences on platforms, with already old films being seen by the youngest. But today’s Covid is redirected directly to a horror film c ‘It may still be too early. We need more perspective to see it as entertainment “, according to Jacques Kluger.

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