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Jaipur airport shines from government treasury, Adani Group will get these facilities

About Rs 398 crore was spent in the last five years from the exchequer before handing over the Jaipur International Airport to the Adani Group.

The command of Jaipur Airport, one of the important airports of the country, has also been handed over to the Adani Group. The Adani Group will oversee the operation and development of this airport for the next 50 years. On October 11, the group acquired control of the airport from the Airport Authority of India (AAI). Before handing over the Jaipur airport to the Adani Group, the government had spent crores of rupees on it.

What facilities have been increased? During the last 5 years, the government spent about Rs 400 crore on the development of this airport. New taxi tracks were built. This has also made possible flight parking and movement of more than one flight at a time. Apart from this, new waiting area, toilets and parking facilities have also been provided. Six immigration counters, 14 check-in counters have also been set up for foreign travelers.

Let us tell you, the major revenue of the airport comes from the aeronautical tax. It is taken in the name of the facilities provided to the airlines, which the companies charge from the passengers traveling. Apart from this, the company controlling the airport also earns direct income from commercial activities. In this, the rent of the showroom and shop opening at the airport is the most important.

When, how much money was spent? According to a report by Rajasthan Patrika, Rs 139.1 crore was spent on run-way construction, e-category lighting system between 2015-17. After this, in the year 2016, Rs 21 crore was spent on the cargo complex. Third, between the year 2018-19, Rs 8.84 crore was spent on the construction and repair of the drain. At the same time, between 2018-19, an expenditure of 67.20 crores was spent on the heritage look of Terminal 1. All in all, in the last five years, a total of Rs 398.07 crore has been spent in beautifying this airport.

Why are questions being raised? After spending about Rs 398 crore on the development of this airport during the last 5 years, it has now been handed over to the Adani Group. Questions are being raised on this. Opposition parties allege that it appears as if the government made these reforms and spent so much money only to benefit the Adani group. With the enhancement of all these facilities, now the Adani Group will not have to spend much money to improve the condition of the airport.

Adani Group now has 7 airports: It is noteworthy that the Adani group already had the command of 6 airports and Jaipur is the seventh airport, whose command has been handed over to the group. In July itself, Mumbai, the country’s busiest airport, was also leased to the Adani Group.

Let us tell you, the Central Government had called for bidding in the year 2019 to give the management of the country’s important airport in private hands. It was then decided to give management and operation of the airports of Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Jaipur, Mangaluru, Guwahati and Thiruvananthapuram to the Adani Group. Adani Group had won the contract for these airports for 50 years, beating a big group like GMR.


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