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Jitin Prasad has inherited the rebellion, the father contested the election in front of Sonia Gandhi

Jitin Prasada, who has emerged as the young face of Congress, has joined BJP just before the Uttar Pradesh elections. The departure of Jitin has dealt a big blow to the Congress organization as he was a popular youth face of the party in Uttar Pradesh and assembly elections are also due in the state next year.

Jitin Prasada had raised questions on the Congress leadership by writing a letter to Sonia Gandhi. His move was opposed by many Congress leaders, after which the talk of cutting him from the Congress was coming to the fore.

Father had given a challenge to Sonia Gandhi: It would also not be wrong for Jitin Prasad to say that he inherited the rebellion from his father and veteran Congress leader Jitendra Prasad. Jitendra Prasad had been a favorite of the Gandhi family from the beginning and he was also an advisor to former prime ministers Rajiv Gandhi and Narasimha Rao.

While on the other hand Jitendra Prasad had openly opposed handing over the command of the party to Sonia Gandhi. One of the main reasons for Jitendra Prasad’s opposition was that he was much older in politics than Sonia Gandhi and also much older in age.

When Jitendra Prasad raised the voice of his opposition, many leaders also supported him by select leaders, while a large section stood against him. Congress veteran Jitendra Prasad challenged Sonia Gandhi in the election of party president in the year 2000. However, he had to face defeat in this election. After this he died in the year 2001. After the death of his father, Jitin Prasad entered politics and contested the 2004 Lok Sabha elections from his parliamentary constituency Shahjahanpur on a Congress ticket.

Cabinet ministers in Manmohan Singh’s government: Jitin registered a historic victory in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections and from here his electoral journey also started. Soon Jitin was counted among the popular young faces of the Congress. In 2008, he was also made a cabinet minister in the UPA government led by PM Manmohan Singh. Although Jitin was new to politics, he proved at every turn that he was no different from his father. When the time came, he left the hand of Congress and has now joined BJP.

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