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JO: Doncic, Warholm, Durant … 5 reasons to wake up the night from Monday to Tuesday

The shock Spain-United States in basketball, the final of the 400m, the quarter-final of the Blues of the hand, the night promises to be filled with highlights in Tokyo.

Handball, men’s quarter-finals: France-Bahrain (2h30)
No time to screw it up. First in their group with great confidence, Guillaume Gille’s men have granted themselves the right to face modest Bahrain in the quarter-finals. An opportunity to be seized. Even if the formation of the Persian Gulf has progressed a lot in recent years and that it is far from that which was punished at the 2011 World Cup by France (41-17), it nonetheless presents serious flaws to be exploited for the Olympic vice-champions.

Basketball, men’s quarter-finals: Slovenia-Germany (3h)
The Blues of Vincent Collet will play this Tuesday at 10:20 am against Italy their place in the semi-finals. At the opening of the quarter-finals, the Slovenia-Germany match will not be devoid of interest, neither for the staff of the team, nor for the enthusiasts. The winner registering, in the event of qualification for the last four, as the opponent of the France team. The match also offers the opportunity to see at work the one who panicked my Olympic counters for his appearance in the tournament, the Slovenian prodigy Luka Doncic (48 pts against Argentina).

Single-seater K1 Kayak 1,000 m, semi-finals (3h)
Second in his 1,000 single-seater kayak quarter-final, Frenchman Etienne Hubert won his ticket to the semi-finals. He registers as the last blue representative in K1. World champion, European vice-champion, experienced (33 years old), he has the weapons to shine. The final is scheduled for 4:30 am.

Basketball, men’s quarter-finals: Spain-United States (4:40)
It’s THE shock of the quarter-finals. It was the poster of the 2008 and 2012 finals, it will be a chopping match for a place in the last four. Unbeaten, Spain challenges Team USA, surprised at the entrance by the France team and which has since been annoyed and gaining momentum.

Athletics, 400m hurdles, Final (5h20)
The challenge of Warholm Karsten. The Norwegian, new world record holder, figure of the new wave of world athletics was able to compete in the semi-finals against the American Rai Benjamin. The Norwegian won (47”40 against 47”37). Continuation of the explanation on a lap that promises to be spectacular in the final.


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