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JP was angry at Ram Vilas for not getting the ticket of Janata Party, had himself contested the election by paying money.

Ram Vilas Paswan started his political career by contesting on the ticket of Socialist Party. In the 1969 Bihar assembly elections, Paswan had won a one-sided victory from Alauli. After this he actively participated in Jai Prakash’s movement. After participating in the movement, Ram Vilas Paswan had emerged as a big leader. In the 1977 general election, he reached the Lok Sabha by winning from Hajipur by a record vote.

However, in one election, Ram Vilas Paswan was defeated by the Janata Party. Ticket was not received. When Jai Prakash Narayan came to know about this, he was very angry. Ram Vilas Paswan had discussed it in detail in ‘The Quest’ of ‘Rajya Sabha TV’. Paswan had told, ‘Jai Prakash movement came after becoming MLA. All of us were kept in jail under the MISA Act. When the election time came, Jai Prakash himself had given us 10 thousand rupees.

Ram Vilas Paswan further explains, ‘JP gave me 10 thousand rupees because we did not get tickets from the Janata Party. JP wanted Ram Vilas to contest the election on Janata Party ticket. JP became very angry and he gave 10 thousand rupees and said that you go and file your nomination. His PA was Ibrahim, he asked him to issue a poster that I don’t know who the Janata Party’s candidate is, but JP’s candidate is Ram Vilas Paswan.

Ram Vilas Paswan lost the 1984 election: Later Ram Vilas Paswan won Hajipur seat He had contested the election on Janata Party ticket. Paswan defeated the Congress candidate by nearly 4.5 lakh votes. With this, Paswan reached the Lok Sabha for the first time. Ram Vilas Paswan won once again in 1980, but he had to face defeat in the 1984 elections.

Father did not want to go into politics: Ram Vilas Paswan became MLA after winning the 1969 assembly elections, but before that he was also selected for the post of DSP. Ram Vilas Paswan’s father did not want him to see his future ahead in politics. Paswan’s father had asked him to join the police job, though Paswan had decided to go ahead in politics against his father’s wishes.

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