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“Justice for Julie Douib”: the trial of an emblematic feminicide has opened in Bastia

“Justice for Julie” : the trial of the ex-companion of Julie Douib, accused of having murdered her in 2019 – a feminicide which had sparked a vast mobilization against violence against women -, opened Thursday, June 10 in Bastia.

“What he made Julie Douib experience, he had already brought to life in Saveria”, assured before the Assize Court the director of investigation, evoking a previous companion of the accused, Bruno Garcia-Cruciani, 44 years old. Judged until June 16, the latter appears for murder and faces life imprisonment for the murder of Julie Douib, with whom he had had two sons, and whom he killed by shooting him at her home in L’Ile- Rousse (Haute-Corse) in March 2019, a few months after their separation.

Several witnesses were missing at the opening of his trial, including Saveria, his companion before Julie Douib, who transmitted medical certificates stating “Of a fragile psychological state” and indicated “Fear reprisals”.

At the bar, the investigation director nevertheless recounted the violence suffered by the young woman, “Completely terrified” during her hearing in 2019 when their separation dates back to 2005.

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The feminicide that launched the Grenelle

For the investigator, the motive for the murder of Julie Douib – who had filed several complaints and handrails against her ex-companion, like her father and the accused himself – “Is linked to a badly digested break-up and a secret affair (of the victim) with a sports teacher”.

Thirtieth femicide out of the 146 counted in 2019, the crime had aroused questions and a strong emotion throughout France in 2019, leading to the organization of a “Grenelle” violence against women.

The trial of his murderer, who partially admitted the facts even if he denies any premeditation, began the day after the government announced new measures after the conclusions of an inspection mission carried out in the country. on the heels of a feminicide committed in Mérignac (Gironde) at the beginning of May, and which point to a series of failures in the follow-up of the violent partner who repeatedly offends and the protection of the victim.

Referring to this context, the lawyer for the accused, Camille Radot told AFP before the hearing on Thursday that he hoped his client would be “Judged normally” : “We wanted to make this case an emblem, we do not see why Mr. Garcia should pay that price”, he insisted.

At the bar, the investigators returned to the words in custody of Bruno Garcia-Cruciani. Referring to the fact that he had just discovered that his ex-wife had a new companion, he launched: “I was disgusted on Friday, broken down on Saturday, Sunday, what happened what happened”.

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“Take me to the gendarmerie”

Still in police custody, the accused admitted having come to the home of his ex-partner, from whom he had been separated since September 2018, armed, “To scare him”.

A first shot was fired “Accidentally” before a second, “Fired voluntarily” but which he does not “Not remember well” due to a ” black hole “, just like a third shot, relates another investigator. On returning home, the accused then said to his brother-in-law: “I did something stupid, take me to the police station”.

This same brother-in-law was present the day before the events, when Bruno Garcia-Cruciani trained in his garden to shoot with his pistol equipped with a silencer in front of his children, according to the testimony of the latter reported by the investigators. “Don’t do that, think of your children, if you do that, you will lose them”, he then launches to the accused, according to the director of investigation.

During the couple’s arguments, it is “Often” the youngest son of the couple “Who consoled his mother” and his elder who “Cleaned up the mess”, she relates again, describing children “Very concerned about the future of their mother”. This was equipped with a ” pepper spray “ and a “Taser lamp” who were “Always at hand” but could not prevent the drama.

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“The real truth”

The two children are not present at their father’s trial.

Julie Douib’s parents and her brother are there. “I’m just waiting for him to tell us the real truth”, said Father Lucien Douib to the press.

On the gates of the courthouse was fixed a large banner bearing the portrait of the young woman and asking “Justice for Julie”.

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