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“Kaamelott” fan enters the Guinness World Record by seeing the film 203 times

In Reims, Arnaud Klein went to see the film 203 times Kaamelott. A crazy statistic that allows him to make his entry into the Guinness World Record.

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It’s a record that makes you smile: what is the meaning of going to see a film 203 times in the cinema and being happy about it? This is what Arnaud Klein, a resident of Reims and a big fan of the universe of Kaamelott, did. In two months, he went to the cinema four times a day to see the feature film directed by Alexandre Astier. A marathon completed on September 18 in a cinema in the Marne prefecture. A somewhat crazy statistic that earned him entry into the Guinness World Record.

This 34-year-old editor has thus permanently erased from the shelves the unapproved record ofAvengers Endgame established by an American spectator, in 2019. “The former record holder encountered a problem. One of the cinemas in the United States, which he visited to participate in this event, closed and was therefore unable to provide the necessary proof for the Guinness Book. cut 11 movies out of its total, so the official record is 191 Avengers Endgame views, but if we want to be complete, it should be 202 “, explained Arnaud Klein in an interview with France 3 Grand Est.

More than a race for the ego, which one might suspect at first glance, it is rather a human adventure that Arnaud Klein wanted to experience through this adventure. During the last screening on September 18, he was surrounded by dozens of fans and relatives to watch the film for the last time. He also quit alcohol and sugary foods to lose 13 pounds during this time.

A fan of "Kaamelott" enters the Guinness World Record by seeing the film 203 times

“I knew I was patient. I knew I had stamina, I just pushed it a little further”, says Arnaud Klein. Throughout his project, he responded to messages from fans of the film on social networks to build a real community. “When I saw the first reactions, when I saw that he was holding on, I thought to myself that it was a magnificent human adventure actually. He had his big icing on the cake with his meeting with Astier “, testifies Laura, his sister.

However, the 203rd session seemed longer for Arnaud Klein. “It was a little harder that one oddly, compared to everything around it. It felt a little longer to me.“, he slipped at the end of the credits.

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