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‘Kamal Nath agreed to give money to Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale’ – claims in the book

Kamal Nath Birthday: November 18 is the birthday of former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and Congress leader Kamal Nath. Born in Kanpur, Kamal Nath is considered very close to the Gandhi family. Kamal Nath, once the right hand man of Sanjay Gandhi, was also considered by Indira Gandhi as her third son. The reason for this was also interesting.

In fact, when Sanjay Gandhi was arrested after the Emergency and sent to Tihar Jail, Indira Gandhi began to worry about his safety in the jail. After this, Kamal Nath took a break from the judge and got himself sent to jail, so that he could stay with Sanjay. Kamal Nath was sent to jail after throwing paper shells at the judge. Then stayed with Sanjay Gandhi in jail. Kamal Nath, who has been living with Sanjay Gandhi as a shadow since his school days, came to Indira Gandhi’s Good Book from here.

Kamal Nath’s name is taken from the anti-Sikh riots to the hawala scandal and Bhindranwale. Kamal Nath’s connection with Bhindranwale is mentioned by famous journalist Kuldeep Nayar in his book Beyond the Lines an Autobiography. Nayyar has written in his book that the Congress was looking for someone who could answer them in his own language to find a cut of the Akali Dal’s influence and growing influence in Punjab.

The responsibility of this work was entrusted to Kamal Nath. He interviewed two people, including Bhindranwale. Bhindranwale was later chosen for the job as he was domineering from the conversation and seemed fit for the job. However, at that time, Kamal Nath did not realize at all that it would later emerge as a terrorist and would become a headache for the Indira Gandhi government.

According to Nayar’s book, Sanjay Gandhi wanted Sant Harcharan Singh Longowal, the then head of the Akali Dal. He felt that this work could be done by standing another saint against Longowal. Under this desire, Kamal Nath chose Bhindranwale of Damdami Taksal (an influential Sikh institution). According to Nayar, Kamal Nath had also agreed to pay money to Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

Business tycoons are also called: Kamal Nath, who made Kolkata a workplace after his birthplace in Kanpur, is also known as business tycoon. According to media reports, he and his family have connections with about 23 companies. His business spans from real estate to hospitality and education sectors. In political circles, it is also said for Kamal Nath that no work is impossible for him. There is no word in his dictionary.

According to the election affidavit given two years ago, Kamal Nath and his wife Alkanath have assets worth more than 124 crores. At the same time, son Nakulnath had Rs 656 crore. Has assets of more than. Nakula’s wife Priya Nath has assets worth Rs.230 million. Alakanath owns gold diamond and stone jewelery worth Rs 2.20 crore.

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