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Kandi EV – Chinese electric car price from 6,000 USD

AmericaThanks to preferential policies for the green car line, the two models Kandi K27 and K23 have a selling price of less than $ 10,000 as previously estimated.

Kandi USA, a subsidiary of Kandi Technologies Group (China) announced, that both K27 and K23 products are accredited by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). With EPA certification, as well as previous certification from the California Department of Air Resources (CARB), the Chinese automaker is ready to launch its US business.

In some states, the K27 can become the best-selling electric car, not only because of its outstanding features, but also because most of the price is already concessional.

For example, in Colorado, K27, which has a suggested price of $ 20,500, but for the first 1,000 customers, the price will be $ 17,500. This figure is also reduced by 7,500 USD from the preferential policies of the United States, and further reduced by 4,000 USD from the state’s own policy. That means K27 will only have 6,000 USD

For K23, the suggested price is 30,000 USD, for the first 1,000 customers is 27,500 USD. After deducting the incentive, the car price is 16,000 USD.

In the US, Kandi has its own compact showroom for dealer partners. Image: Business Wire

Some US customers may buy a Kandi electric car instead of another small car, or another used electric car for everyday commuting.

Kandi K27 is a small car with a modest battery pack of 17.69 kWh, a full charge distance is 161 km. Prices start at $ 20,500, but after support, K27 is only $ 13,000. In some states, small electric cars are only about $ 10,000.

Kandi K23 is larger than K27 and battery pack is also bigger, 41.4 kWh. The distance to run is therefore also higher, up to 290 km. K23 price from 30,000 USD, and after being supported, only 20,000 USD, equivalent to the Mini Cooper SE electric model.

America – England (according to the Inside EVs)


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