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Kapil Sharma used to teach acting in Girls’ College, revealed himself

Comedy King Kapil Sharma has earned a lot of name in the country as well as abroad. He has taken comedy to a different level. Once again ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ is ready to return to TV. This was revealed by the comedian himself through his Instagram post. According to media reports, the new season of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ will air from August 21. Today Kapil Sharma has millions of fans in the country and abroad. But it was not easy for him to reach this point.

He worked hard and hard to reach the heights of success that Kapil Sharma is touching today. The one who tickles the people through his funny style and jokes Kapil Sharma Once upon a time, girls used to teach acting in college. He himself disclosed this during an interview.

Actually, in an old interview given to IBN7, when the anchor asked Kapil Sharma that you have also taught in Jalandhar’s college? On this Comedy King says, “When I took admission in APJ College and I went to college first, they asked me which diploma you will take admission in. So I asked which is the most expensive one. After this I took admission in PG Diploma in Commercial Arts. But I never took the class.”

Kapil Sharma is further telling, “With this I went to BDRA Girls College. I felt that if I perform then I should direct. I am glad that we have lived up to their expectation. At that time in his college, we had won the most prizes.

Life was changed with ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’: Comedy king Kapil Sharma worked in theater for a long time. Meanwhile, he also auditioned in ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, although he was initially rejected. But he didn’t give up. in second audition Kapil Sharma Got selected. After this he also won the show.

‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’ proved to be a milestone for Kapil Sharma. After that he never looked back again.

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