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Kia Cerato reduced the price by nearly 70 million to push inventory

Kia dealers increase the discount in cash to push inventory, with the price only on par with Vios or City.

Specifically, all versions of Cerato are discounted as follows:

Version/price Listed price Negotiable price The reduction level
MT 544 497 47
AT Deluxe 1.6 584 527 57
AT Luxury 1.6 639 577 62
AT Premium 2.0 685 618 sixty seven

Unit: million dong

The price after reduction is only equivalent to B-size cars. The selling price between Kia dealers is not much different, but the actual discount may vary between cash and accessories. In addition to cash, guests are also given accessories such as carpets, insulation films.

Dealers said high inventory, reduced market purchasing power caused Cerato to reduce prices to push inventory. In addition, the unofficial information that Thaco is about to introduce a new version of the C-sized sedan is also the reason why customers wait for the new version, forcing the dealer to reduce the price of the old version to discharge the goods.

Kia Cerato at the dealer.

Cerato is the most accessible and equipped car in the C-segment sedan segment. However, the appearance of B-sized crossovers and more and more equipment from B-size sedans makes the C segment increasingly hard.

In 2020, Cerato is continuously in the top of best-selling cars, but after 5 months of 2021, this is the first month that Cerato has reached the top again. In this segment, Altis, Elantra, and Civic also face difficulties in sales.



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