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Kia K9 interior design revealed, priced from 51,300 USD

KoreaKia’s most advanced sedan is redesigned, adding many features and technologies, accepting orders from June 3.

After revealing a series of exterior photos in mid-May, Kia continued to release interior photos of the K9 on June 2, one day before the company received orders and introduced it to the market in June. K9 is the flagship sedan of the company. This is also a new version introduced after 3 years since its launch in April 2018.

New interior design of Kia K9 2021. Photo: That

Compared to the old version, the new K9 redesigned the interior. The car is equipped with a new 14.5-inch entertainment screen, replacing the old 12.3-inch screen. The premium sedan adds a fingerprint authentication system, a first for a Kia model, and can be configured in a variety of configurations. The car will automatically change the seat position, climate control settings, outside rearview mirror, digital dashboard interface when recognizing the driver’s fingerprint. The fingerprint system also supports card payments through the infotainment system.

The infotainment system supports online updates. Vehicle owners can remotely unlock and start the vehicle via a smartphone app. The 2021 K9 features new safety and driver assistance systems, such as the ability to predictive gearshift by shifting gears based on information provided by camera and radar.

The Korean automaker upgraded the soundproof glass system to be better. Interior decorated with new wood paneling, Kia will introduce details on the official launch date, along with more fancy leather upholstery. The “Ergo Motion” driver’s seat extends for greater comfort. Rear seats upgraded with VIP seats on the right for long journeys.

The new K9 offers two versions of 3.3 V6 turbocharged and 3.8 V6 petrol engines, and two Platinum and Master equipment packages. The Platinum version is equipped with a 14.5-inch screen, second-generation highway driving assistance, fingerprint authentication system, while the Master version focuses on comfort such as electronic control suspension, support Remote smart parking, Ergo Motion seat.

The new Kia K9 costs from 51,300-68,500 USD.

The new Kia K9 costs from 51,300-68,500 USD.

The Kia K9 3.3 V6 Turbo Platinum costs $57,100 and the Master costs $68,500. While the K9 3.8 V6 Platinum costs $51,300 and the Master costs $64,300.

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