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Kia Rondo – minivan wants to become an SUV

Customers who used to know Rondo, or Carens, were advised to “forget what they knew about the minivan”, as things had changed.

When Kia launched Carnival in 2020, this product broke away from the shadow of the old style minivan line, even like creating an innovative new segment. Recently, Carnival also won the title Minivan of the year do Forbes voted.

Soon, it’s Rondo’s turn, or Carens, to follow a new style as well. This minivan also abandons all old lines, gradually appearing in the form of a new SUV.

The front of the car has many different planes, horizontal LED headlights, different from the current design. Photo: That

The roof of the car is higher, straight and definitive instead of the current soft style. Every line is also stronger and more modern than the old generation. The car inherits Kia’s latest design language with slim LED headlights and horizontal taillights, similar to the new Sportage.

The Korean automaker also revealed a part of the interior design, with a flat and wide interface in the dashboard. The screen for the driver is a touch screen, 10.25-inch in size that displays infotainment. The air conditioning knobs are located below the central air vent. Automatic gearshift lever and a wireless charging pad up front. The car will be launched first in India, so the steering wheel is on the right.

The roof is flatter and higher than the current generation, the lines are more modern.  Photo: Kia

The roof is flatter and higher than the current generation, the lines are more modern. Photo: That

In the world’s second most populous market, the minivan model will have a choice of 6 or 7 seats. Power comes from 1.5-liter gasoline or diesel engines, like the Seltos also sold here.

After the world launch on December 16, the new generation Rondo will sell first in India and arrive in other markets later.

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