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Kia Seltos increased by 10 million dong

The size B crossover model increased in price right after the end of the first quarter, when the market gradually got active again after the calm of the year.

The small high-rise car model was introduced by Thaco in mid-2020. Immediately after its launch, Seltos created a fever when many times it was in the top selling cars and was always in a state of “out of stock”. Up to now, all versions have increased their retail price by 10 million dong:

Version Old price New price
Deluxe 1.4 Turbo 599 609
Luxury 1.4 Turbo 649 659
Premium 1.6 699 709
Premium 1.4Turbo 719 729

Unit: million dong

Dealers said that the cause of the increase in car prices is the lack of components to assemble, the supply is lower than the demand. Currently, customers buying Seltos have to wait a few months. The spot cars fall in the color of few people.

Kia Seltos is sold at the dealer. Image: Minh Dat

Seltos was born for Asian urban customers, where the population is crowded but the infrastructure is underdeveloped. In addition to being suitable for many customers, the small and tall undercarriage also has a price advantage, at a moderate level, easy to access.

On the current market, price increases like the Kia Seltos are quite rare. Competitors in the same segment as EcoSport or Kona all cut prices to stimulate demand. After the first two months of the year, Seltos is the best-selling model in the segment and high sales on the gloomy market ground.

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