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Kia Soluto attracts customers thanks to its good price and many equipment

Kia Soluto in the top 5 best-selling sedans in the first quarter thanks to the price equivalent to a class A car while possessing many equipment compared to its competitors.

Soluto is a new name in the segment that has fierce competition in Vietnam. During nearly two years of getting to know Vietnamese customers, Soluto gradually affirmed its position in the segment of capital for first-time car buyers. In the first quarter of 2021, Kia’s B-size sedan sold 1,531 cars, ranking in the top 5 best-selling sedans in the country.

New generation Kia Soluto in Vietnam.

Soluto’s first advantage over its competitors is the starting price equivalent to class A cars, from 369 million VND. This is the new version of the Kia Rio sedan, which has been successful in sales in the Vietnamese market for many years. Kia Soluto has a completely new design, comfortable equipment, application of modern technologies. The domestically assembled origin also makes the distributor more active in terms of supply, with sales in the first months of the year maintained stably from 400-600 vehicles per month.

The B-size sedan has a youthful appearance, a unique feature of the Korean automaker. The sedan version is the work of renowned German designer Peter Schreyer, Kia Design Director. The car has a characteristic tiger nose grille, chrome border connecting the two lighting clusters. Representatives of the company said, Soluto combines the comfort of the overall size and spaciousness of the interior space. The luggage compartment of this model is also outstanding in the segment with a volume of 475 liters, accompanied by a convenient electric trunk.

Tail design of Kia Soluto.

Tail design of Kia Soluto.

The interior of the car is highlighted by the digital center screen, providing a variety of information for the driver. The steering wheel has buttons. The front row of seats is equipped with armrests, folding intelligently, capable of storing more furniture when needed. The glass door control button is located in the center, instead of the door panel as usual. Air-conditioning slot 360 degrees, adjust the wind direction as desired, optimize cold air flow inside the cabin. This is also a rare model in the segment equipped with a 7-inch entertainment screen, connecting Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Soluto is the first model in the B-Sedan segment to be equipped with Kia Link intelligent connection technology, including functions such as: tracking driver information, booking service appointments, diagnosing, reporting errors, supporting. emergency, expense management and instructional notifications.

Youthful interior, many technologies on Soluto.

Youthful interior, many technologies on Soluto.

Vehicles using Kappa 1.4 MPI engine, applied by the company to reduce weight, friction, increase stiffness … promise to bring fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, noise, increase longevity. engine. AHSS reinforced steel chassis. Safety features include front and rear disc brakes, anti-lock brakes ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBD, automatic door lock when the car is running, reverse camera, reverse sensor and two airbags.

Currently, customers buying Kia Soluto are given preferential gifts and one year of material insurance, totaling up to 20 million VND. In addition, the company supports the form of loan purchase, 5.9% interest, loan rate up to 80% of the value of the car. Promotion starts from 4/5, subject to applicable terms and conditions.

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