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Kia Sorento added equipment, reduced price by nearly 100 million

The highest reduction was recorded at some northern region dealers about 80 million cash with accessories for all versions.

The most advanced version of the Sorento petrol and diesel engine has been updated with three more equipment: tire pressure sensors, dark leather seats, up and down steps. In addition, all 9 versions, including 4 petrol versions and 5 diesel versions, are discounted.

The reduction for petrol versions ranges from 30-45 million VND while diesel versions 47-82 million VND depending on the version. In addition, customers are also given an additional set of accessories including glass stickers, floor coverings, dash cams and body insurance worth about 20 million VND.

Version Listed price Price Reduced rate
2.2D Signature 6 seats 1.349 1.267 82
2.2D Signature 7 seats 1.349 1.274 75
2.2D Premium AWD 1.279 1.219 60
2.2D Luxury 1.179 1.119 60
2.2D Deluxe 1.079 1.039 40
2.5G 6 seats 1.299 1.254 45
2.5G 7 seats 1.279 1.239 40
2.5G Premium 1.179 1.139 40
2.5G Luxury 1,099 1.069 30

(Unit: million dong)

The highest total reduction amounted to nearly 100 million VND. In some dealers, there are still cars in stock in 2020 with better incentives, but the quantity is very small. The selling price between regions and agents does not have much difference, this is the tradition of dealers under Thaco. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, agents in the southern region do not currently have specific information on the selling price.

After the price reduction, Sorento has a lower selling price than its direct competitor, Hyundai Santa Fe, about 30-60 million VND depending on the version.

New Sorento in the premiere. Photo: Dac Thanh

Sorento is making a transformation in the Vietnamese market, with sales in the first half of 2021 increasing by more than 500% compared to the same period last year. However, when Santa Fe launches a new version with more technology and new engines, Sorento is facing stiff competition, when May-June sold only 415 and 350 cars, respectively, while Santa Fe sold 1,288 and 1,313 vehicles. Sorento and Santa Fe do not have too many differences in technology, chassis, and engines because both are developed on the same platform of parent company Hyundai.



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