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Kidney was sold for iPhone, now fighting for life and death

Chinese Man Sold Kidney to Buy Iphone: The new iPhone series was announced by the Apple company before the festival season began in October. Since then, iPhone-related mimes and jokes started appearing on social media. In these memes, it was being said that the price of iPhone has now been so high that now people will have to sell their kidneys to buy them.

But do you know that a similar incident has occurred in China. In 2011, Wang Shangun, a 17-year-old Chinese man in Anhui, China, sold his kidney to buy an iPad 2 and iPhone. At that time, Shangun had said about selling his kidney that what he needs of two kidneys, one is enough.

With this, he sold his kidney for $ 3,273 and now Shangun is 25 years old. At the same time, it has been reported that he is currently fighting a war against life and death in China. According to the news, Shangun was very keen to get Apple iPhone and iPad at that time so he thoughtfully talked to a black market organ pedler.

Organ peddlers told him that he could earn up to 3 thousand dollars by selling his organs. Impressed by the talk of Organ Paddler, Shangun decided to sell his kidney and underwent an illegal surgery and sold his body’s right kidney. A few years after the surgery, it was discovered that he had an infection due to negligence in his kidney in an unhygienic operation location and post-operative care. Over time this infection increased and now they have to undergo dialysis daily.

According to media reports, Shangun did not tell anyone in his family about this surgery and hobby of Apple gadget. But when he reached his home after selling a kidney with such an expensive gadget, his family asked about it. Later, Shangun told his family and the police, after which nine people were arrested.

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