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Kitchen Hacks: Sugar and salt get moisture in rainy season, follow these tips to protect

With the onset of the rainy season, the problems of the people increase. Because, in this season where the food items start getting spoiled. At the same time, there are some such things of food, in which moisture comes. Due to this their taste becomes bad. Due to the moisture in the rainy season, things like salt and sugar get damp, after which you have to throw these things.

But today we will tell you some such tips, through which you can get rid of the moisture coming in salt and sugar during the rainy season.

-jar use: Use glass jars instead of plastic containers to protect sugar and salt from moisture during the rainy season. Also, whenever you take out sugar or salt from the jar, use a dry spoon for this. Make sure that the glass container is air tight.

By doing this, sugar or salt does not get moisture. Also their taste is not bad.

-rice: Before filling the glass jar with sugar or salt, put some rice in it by tying it in a cloth. The bag of rice absorbs the extra moisture present in the sugar and salt. This does not bring moisture to them.

-blotting paper: You can use blotting paper to protect the sugar and salt present in the kitchen from moisture. Before filling the sugar or salt in the jar, put blotting paper in it. After this, fill sugar or salt in the jar. Blotting paper absorbs excess moisture from salt and sugar, just like rice.

Due to this, sugar and salt do not get moisture in the rainy season. During the rainy season, biscuits, chips and namkeen etc. also become moist. You can also use blotting paper to save them.

– cloves: To protect the sugar and salt from moisture, put 7 to 8 cloves in the jar. By doing this, these things do not get moisture.


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