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Know how the training of IPS officer is done, from shooting to horse riding, tricks are taught

After clearing UPSC, all police officers who get DANIPS are given special training. In this, they are taught from shooting to horse riding.

It is the dream of every educated youth to clear UPSC. But not everyone can get success in this. Many times aspirants preparing for UPSC think that once selected everything will be easy, but the road after that is not easy either. Today we tell you the training schedule of IPS officers of DANIPS.

Training takes place in Delhi: IPS Deepika, who cleared the UPSC exam in the year 2018, shared her experience. Deepika is currently serving as ACP in Delhi Police. In an interview to ‘Delhi Knowledge Track’, Deepika said, ‘The training of DANIPS officers is for a total of two years. One year is academic and the second year is field training. Officers are trained in the Police College, Najafgarh, Delhi.

Deepika says, ‘Here the training of officers starts at five in the morning. First of all, there is a very strict physical training for a year, in which from pushups on the ground to the ropes, it is done. The parade is taught for about half an hour. Indoor classes are taken after completing all the things by about 9.30 pm. A lot of different things happen here. Here we are told about the Constitution of India and IPC sections.

According to Deepika, ‘During these classes, we are given information about other constitutional institutions including courts. Once again we do physical training before the end of the day. Sometimes at the end of the week we do some other things too. We are also taught firing. It covers everything from swimming to horse riding. This develops our personality as an officer. There is also a 17-day Bharat Darshan, in which we go to different states across the country and learn the police system.

How much is the salary: An IPS officer gets an initial basic salary of Rs 56 thousand 100. This salary increases by going to different posts. Also there are different types of amenities. In this, insurance, living expenses and vehicle expenses are given by the government. Although all these things are decided according to the post. Many times a small house is available at the initial time which later on varies with the rank and responsibilities.


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