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Know when PUBG Mobile is making a comeback in India, now this update from RTI

Millions of Indian fans of PUBG Mobile are eagerly awaiting the return of this game to India and it seems that these fans may have to wait for a long time. Every few days, some new updates are received about Pabji. At the same time, news is being received that there has been no discussion at present about PUBG / Krafton and the Central Government and until the meeting with the government, nothing can be said about the return of this game to India.

This answer was found in RTI
According to the reports, in an RTI, the IT Ministry was asked about the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India, which received an answer that there has been no official meeting between PUBG / Krafton and government officials regarding the return of the game to India so far. . On the other hand, efforts are constantly being made to contact the authorities on behalf of the pubjee company.

Game will be launched in March?
According to media reports, PUBG Corporation is leaving no stone unturned to launch PUBG Mobile India in March. The company is constantly trying to contact the central government for this. However, the date of the launch of PUBG Mobile India has not been known yet. But it has been hoped that this game can return to India by March.

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