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Kriti Sanon does this work to maintain the glow of the face, how does she keep weight control even after eating paratha

Actress Kriti Sanon has worked in many superhit films. She is also very much in discussion about her fitness. He also shared his fitness routine.

Actress Kriti Sanon has worked in many hit films in her career. Right now Kriti Sanon is in discussion about the next projects. In the film ‘Bachchan Pandey’, Kriti will share the screen with Akshay Kumar. Along with her acting, Kriti is also in a lot of discussion about fitness. Kriti shared her fitness routine in an interview. He also shared the secret of his facial glow with the fans.

Kriti had told, ‘I drink hot water as soon as I wake up in the morning. Sometimes I drink it with lemon or honey. This gives a different glow to the skin. I don’t do too many things when I wake up in the morning. I use cleanser several times in the morning and with this I clean my skin. It is believed that by consuming hot water in the morning, the toxic chemicals present in the body also come out. Due to this the entire digestive system also starts working properly.

What do you eat in diet? Kriti says, ‘I am like all those girls who love Ghar Ka Khan. I eat eggs or butter bread for breakfast in the morning. Apart from this, I drink tea or coffee. Among coffee, I like black coffee the most. Sometimes I find it strange to eat eggs in a normal way, then I put a sandwich in bread or cabbage. I also eat parathas at times during breakfast. But it is very important to limit its quantity. Because overeating leads to weight gain.

lunch? Kriti says, ‘I love to eat lentils and rice. Apart from this, I eat chicken-rice or rajma-rice. If I want to control my weight, I drink soup. With this I eat sandwiches many times. If I talk about my last meal, I eat it till 9 PM. At night I sleep till 1 o’clock. Waking up in the morning, I also do some workouts. Sometimes yoga is also done. But I also take care of my sleep the most.


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