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L214 wants to mobilize against the expansion of an intensive chicken farm

The chickens are crammed at 21 per square meter. The dirty litter burns their skin. Fattened too quickly, some find it difficult to stand on their feet, to the point of no longer being able to reach the feeders. They then die of hunger and thirst.

Farms, zoos, slaughterhouses … Faced with Covid-19, the entire animal industry must be closely monitored

These new images released by the animal protection association L214 were shot in an intensive farm in Pihem, in Pas-de-Calais. Discover these shocking images in the video below.

In this farm which currently supplies 150,000 poultry each year, the operator has requested an extension authorization to bring this figure to 825,000. And this request is causing debate in the region where several petitions from opponents have been launched.

Conditions called into question, but not only

L214 relayed this refusal by disseminating images of the suffering of chickens raised in the already existing part and called on the Pas-de-Calais prefecture not to authorize the expansion of the farm.

L214, not so fierce animal rights activists!

The association obviously points to the conditions of animal husbandry but also alerts on the environmental impact of the extension project, with a clear increase in ammonia emissions. It also warns of the situation of local residents who fear an aggravation of nuisance, whether it is noise or vibrations caused by the trucks which transport the animals but also their food.

Animal rights activists go further and stress the consequences for the breeder. According to L214, to carry out the project, he would have to borrow around 1.4 million euros and could then only pay himself a derisory salary. The association sees a situation that illustrates the tension that reigns in the agricultural world with breeders ” bound hand and foot in front of an agribusiness group “.

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